Sports Fencing

Sports Fencing

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  • Dulok Sport

    Durability is a key requirement of any sporting perimeter and features as standard across our Dulok Sports™ double wire panel fencing system. Making it the perfect choice when you’re looking for strong yet practical fencing of up to 6060mm high for your school, football ground or multi-purpose game area.

    Each steel panel features twin 8mm wires welded either side of 6mm vertical wires, making them extremely difficult to cut through or damage. The twin wires are highly rigid too, adding to the strength of the fence even when under stress from people, balls or sports equipment making it the perfect fencing system.

    Available in a wide range of RAL colours.

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  • Dulok Rebound

    As the tennis court fencing system that is designed to stand up everything that’s thrown or kicked onto it, Dulok Rebound™ features highly dense double steel wire mesh panels that will absorb the shock of even smaller balls and return them to play without interruption.

    This means you can say goodbye to traditional plywood, timber or mesh rebound boards around your school, sports grounds or multi-purpose game area, and instead opt for a fencing system that’s hard to cut through, practical and designed for tennis court fencing projects.

    You can choose Dulok Rebound™ panels – with horizontal wires 66.5mm apart and 50mm vertical – around your entire perimeter. You can also combine with our Dulok Sports™ panels – with 200mm spaces between horizontal wires – to create a fence with a smaller aperture towards the bottom, and with more visibility higher up.

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  • Eclipse-60

    Eclipse-60™ offers the ideal fencing solution to your perimeter security requirements. Named after the size of its hollow steel posts – which measure 60 x 60mm – Eclipse-60™ is a cost-effective variant of the standard Exempla™ rigid mesh panel system.

    Each profiled panel features 30mm projecting spikes, making them extremely difficult to climb over, and ensures your fencing provides an excellent deterrent against vandals and intruders.

    This Eclipse-60™ wire mesh fencing panel system uses strong wrap-around metal clips (rather than a clamp bar) to hold the welded steel mesh panels to the steel posts. These clips – with 90º angled returns that prevent tampering – fit into threaded inserts on the posts and are fixed in place using pin torx bolts for enhanced security.

    The profiled mesh panels are first galvanised and then polyester powder-coated and whether it is protecting public buildings, car parks, business parks or retail premises, the Eclipse-60™ system is available in a full range of RAL colours, so you can match it to your corporate colour scheme.

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  • Sports Rail

    Our incredibly popular Sports Rail™ spectator rail fencing creates that safe perimeter around the action, while giving spectators a strong and comfortable rail to lean on.

    Versatile and attractive enough to be installed in school playgrounds and around running tracks, Sports Rail™ is incredibly simple to install thanks to its quick and easy clamp system. And if hockey or other field sports are being played, there’s even an option to add a kickboard to prevent ball damage.

    You can choose from a range of panels, from flat and profiled to our double wire Dulok™ system with RHS steel posts for added strength and security. We even offer solid panels so that you can feature corporate advertising boards and generate revenue for your school or sports club.

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  • Sportogril

    When you’re looking for sports pitch fencing, practicality and durability are usually top of the list. Sportogril™ rigid fencing system ticks both boxes, but with the additional benefits of being contemporary, timeless and aesthetically pleasing.

    The attractive steel fencing panels feature a tighter lower aperture of 124 x 50mm which provides maximum rebound for a range of ball sports, whilst the upper aperture of 124 x 100mm enhances visibility. With strong RHS steel posts between each panel, it’s rigid, secure and hard-wearing.

    Available in any RAL colour, you can match the fencing panels up to the colour scheme of your sports club or school. A variety of fixing methods and heights are available, making it an ideal perimeter for a wide range of uses, from multi-purpose game areas to professional sports pitch fencing.

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  • Ball Stop Netting

    Keeping balls within the areas of play is essential in many sports, the strong and durable Ball Stop Netting ™ will both prevent them escaping and ensure there are no stoppages.

    Available in heights from 500 to 10000mm, and in a range of mesh densities, this cost-effective netting easily integrates with any fencing system, particularly our Dulok Sports™ system. The thick weather-resistant mesh is hard-wearing and fits to posts easily, with a strong line wire for added support.

    Ball Stop Netting ™ is ideal for preventing lost equipment in schools, for enhancing the appeal of multi-purpose game areas, and it comes in extremely useful in a variety of amateur and professional sports, where ball containment is vital.

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  • Lockmaster Swing Gate

    Every fence line needs at least one gate to allow for the safe passage of people and vehicles, and the single and double LockMaster™ Swing Gates fit seamlessly with every fencing system.

    The rigid welded steel wire mesh panels of Lockmaster™ Swing Gate are fixed to a steel SHS surround using a solid clamp bar and secure fixings, making them extremely hard-wearing and giving them a real heavy-duty feel.

    They’re supplied with steel drop bolt sockets to be set in concrete, and all gates feature adjustable anti-lift-off hinges, making them incredibly difficult to vandalise.

    Security Gates are fitted with a swing bolt lockcase and eurocylinder as standard, although you can enhance security with your choice of options from the Locking and Closing range. You can also top gates with any of the deterrents from our Active Anti-Intruder range.

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  • Speedmaster Bi-Folding Speedgate

    To maintain the protection of their perimeter, high level security premises need a speedgate that opens and closes quickly. The SpeedMaster ™ bi folding trackless speedgate opens at more than twice the speed of traditional swinging gates.

    The rapid opening and closing action ensures traffic rarely stands still, so there’s less opportunity for tailgating. With the SpeedMaster ™ speedgate folding in on each other as they open, they’re ideal where space is at a premium.

    Security is high on the agenda too, with the RHS steel frame gates featuring either tubular steel vertical bars, or your choice of infill, including our ultra-defensive Securus ™ range. You can also fit spiked tops, warning lights and sirens if needed.

    Designed for continuous operation, SpeedMaster ™ gates use a PLC-controlled motor, worm and wheel gearbox with a direct-drive shaft connected to the leaf gate, so they open and close effortlessly smoothly. They’re also compatible with most access control options, including keypad, proximity card and, remote control.

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