Perimeter Security Fencing

Perimeter Security Fencing

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  • Dulok

    Preventing people from cutting through or climbing over your fencing system is essential for schools, sports grounds and many other public places. Using a double wire manufacturing process, the Dulok™ double wire mesh fencing system offers protection against both of these factors.

    Each steel panel features twin 8mm wires welded either side of 6mm vertical wires (868 Double Wire Mesh), giving would-be intruders little chance of breaking through. It is also available as a 656 Twin Wire Panel option. Panels are fixed to steel posts using sturdy clamps and secured with pin hex security screws, with no visible fixings on the back of posts.

    Available in a wide variety of RAL colours and over 20 different heights, Dulok™ double wire mesh fencing can be tailored for every installation.

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  • Dulok-25

    As one of the strongest rigid wire mesh panels fencing system on the market, the Dulok-25™ double wire mesh panel system is a hugely popular perimeter choice when high security is vital.

    Featuring two solid steel 8mm horizontal wires welded either side of 6mm vertical wires spaced just 25mm apart, Dulok-25™ double wire fencing is extremely dense and very difficult to cut through. Installation is quick and easy too, with panels fixed to each sturdy steel post using a full length clamp bar and pin hex security screws allowing stepping.

    Available in heights up to 6090mm, it’s the ideal choice for data centres, secure units and police stations. Dulok-25™ can be finished in a wide range of polyester powder coated RAL colours; including marine finish.

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  • Securus-Lite

    When you need cost-effective security mesh fencing and your main aim is preventing people from gaining access to your premises, the close mesh panels of Securus-Lite ™ make it the ideal anti-climb option.

    Each hard-wearing security mesh panel is fixed to galvanised steel square posts using a full length clamp bar system matched with strong through bolts. This ensures quick and easy installation around any perimeter and maintains a great line of defence against any potential intruders.

    Securus-Lite ™ is hugely flexible for a range of high security locations, from schools, industrial and commercial units, police stations and secure units, airports and seaports.

    You also have quality assurances with this system conforming to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences and Loss Prevention Standards 1175 Category 1 for fences at 2400mm and 3000mm high in the Securus-Lite SR1 option. (Please specify SR1 when ordering)

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  • Multiplus

    Offering a paladin style variable aperture mesh panel system that is both difficult to cut through and climb, the Multiplus™ profiled rigid mesh panel system is the next step in perimeter security solutions.

    The welded steel wire mesh panels feature large upper profiles for extra strength and groups of 6 wires at 25mm wire centres followed by 45mm mesh apertures. This ever-popular decorative effect gives your fencing a uniquely stylish ‘striped’ appearance and offers increased security for your fence line.

    Multiplus™ looks great around public buildings, schools, retail premises and industrial buildings. Featuring steel security clips and hex bolts fastening each panel to the galvanised 60 x 40mm RHS steel posts, this fencing system is built to last.

    Multiplus™ conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences, providing excellent quality assurances and is covered by our 15 year guarantee.

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  • Vizogril

    The protection of high security places including airports, seaports and prestigious buildings can only be achieved with a high quality steel grating fencing system, and the security features of Vizogril™ make it the number one choice in steel grating fencing systems.

    Modern and renowned for its stability in the architectural world, the condensed strong steel grating panels are incredibly difficult to cut through, and with heights up to 2514mm, Vizogril™ provides the perfect rugged boundary around your premises.

    The rigid system also conforms to BS 1722 fencing standards, providing excellent quality assurances and a guarantee that you’re investing in fencing that will perform to your expectations.

    And in addition to the huge safety benefits they offer, Vizogril™ panels and posts are galvanised and polyester powder coated to any RAL colour, so they’ll look great for many years to come.

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  • Exempla

    The ever popular Exempla™ profiled panel system offers not only an aesthetically pleasing fencing solution, but also provides a robust first line of defence for public buildings, schools, car parks and commercial fencing projects.

    Designed for quick and simple installation, Exempla™ features profiled rigid welded mesh fencing panels securely fastened to 60 x40mm RHS steel posts and held in place our unique hidden fixing system, SafeTfix™; making it effortlessly easy to step panels up or down a slope.

    Profiled for extra strength, panels are manufactured from 5mm galvanised steel wires which are welded at each cross over point. Finished in with polyester powder coating in either normal or marine grade you can be confident your fencing is well protected from the elements.

    Available in a full spectrum of RAL colours, plus in a wide range of heights up to 3m, we can tailor-make Exempla™ fencing to fit your project perfectly.

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  • Ultimate

    The Ultimate™ profiled panel system is one of the most popular, highest quality and hugely versatile options available on the market that has been designed to offer school security at a higher level.

    Approved by a multitude of planning authorities, this welded steel wire mesh panel system is suitable for industrial and public buildings, schools, and even high security locations like airports and seaports.

    Ultimate™ offers strong profiled panels with close wire centres, which are fixed securely to posts using a full length clamp bar. This not only makes your fencing exceptionally secure and difficult for intruders to climb, but it looks modern and stylish around the border of your premises.

    25mm Spikes at the top of each panel enhance the security of the Ultimate™ fencing, and are matched by the added peace of mind that it conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences.

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  • Ultimate Extra

    Offering all the security features of the standard Ultimate™ profiled panel system – but with thicker and denser wire panels – Ultimate Extra™ is the wire mesh fence that provides even more protection as perimeter fencing for high-status premises including schools and airports.

    The vertical 6mm heavy duty wire are just 25mm apart on each panel, providing great strength and proving extremely difficult to climb. Upper profiles enhance the strength of the wire mesh fences, along with a galvanised and polyester powder coated security post and clamp bar.

    This popular choice also offers excellent visibility despite the close wire centres and regardless of the wide range of RAL colour you decide upon.

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  • Safeogril

    The perfect mix between an architecturally pleasing boundary without compromising the inbuilt security features, our heavy duty Safeogril™ open mesh fencing system is the next step in fencing.

    Available in a range of heights, Safeogril™ has a strong and robust welded frame and a thick vertical flat bar – available in square or rectangular hollow steel – enhancing the rigidity of the system and extending the cut through time in the event of an attack.

    The system is perfect for enclosed areas and provides more than adequate protection for commercial buildings, multi-story car parks, public areas and utility suppliers.

    The open mesh panels offer excellent visibility and are finished in a galvanised and polyester powder coated range of RAL colours. Safeogril™ will serve as stylish and contemporary perimeter fencing for your organisation or premises for years to come.

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  • Secureogril

    High quality railing fence systems like Secureogril™ rigid fencing, you can have a professional, contemporary boundary to your premises regardless of the age or style of your buildings.

    Secureogril™ is the most versatile railing fence product within our rigid fencing range, offering a modern feel together with a host of security features that makes it ideal for: hospitals, hi-tech commercial buildings, utility facilities, and modern industrial sites.

    The hard wearing and heavy duty condensed mesh panels are difficult to cut through, and being hot dipped galvanised and polyester powder coated; including marine finish, it will stand up to the harshest environments.

    The flexibility of Secureogril™ means that it will slot in perfectly around any residential or commercial premises, and with a range of RAL colours to choose from, it’s highly customisable.

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