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High Security Fencing

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  • Dulok-6 SR1

    The amount of security accreditation a fencing system possesses reflects the level of protection a high security fencing system provides, and the Dulok-6 SR1™ double wire panel system offers two of the highest accreditations in this field. This provides great confidence whether you’re a school, a retail development or a industrial fencing project manager.

    This more secure version of our cost-effective Dulok-Lite™ system uses a full length clamp bar instead of clips and Sheardrive fixings instead of pin hex bolts to secure panels to posts.

    With certification to Loss Prevention Standards 1175 Security Ratings (SR1), Dulok-6 SR1™ will also stop basic tool attacks, with the 3030mm wide panels and twin welded wires proving very hard to cut through. You can also add an extra layer of defence by using any of our Active Anti-Intruder topping systems making it the first choice on Industrial Fencing Projects.

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  • Dulok-8 SR1

    Even the smallest of security enhancements can give your perimeter weld mesh fencing an edge, adding immeasurable protection to your premises. These modifications make Dulok-8 SR1™ an even greater defence against criminals than our base Dulok™ system.

    Dulok-8 SR1™ weld mesh panels are made from twin, heavy duty 8mm wires welded either side of 6mm vertical wires, but rather than using pin hex screws, they are fixed to galvanised steel posts using Sheardrive security bolts; practically impossible for vandals and intruders to remove.

    Certified to LPS 1175 SR1 Security Ratings, it’s guaranteed to stop any attacks from basic tools. It provides the perfect perimeter for public buildings, schools and sports pitch applications.

    You also have the option to include further deterrents to the top of each panel with Dulok-8 SR1™ being compatible with our Active Anti-Intruder topping range.

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  • Dulok-25 SR1

    There’s high security fencing, and then there’s the Dulok-25 SR1™, which offers industry-leading perimeter protection to premises needing the top level of defence against even the most determined criminals thanks to it’s unique weldmesh design.

    Suitable for the likes of power stations and secure units, the double wire weldmesh panel system of Dulok-25 SR1™ is certified to LPS 1175 SR1 Security Ratings, which guarantees to withstand basic tool attacks.

    This enhanced version of our Dulok-25™ system features the same style panels with galvanised steel 8mm horizontal wires welded either side of 6mm vertical wires at 25mm wire centres. Panels are fixed to posts using Sheardrive security bolts rather than pin hex screws, making removal or vandalism near-impossible.

    You can further improve the level of multi-threat security with any of our range of Active Anti-Intruder topping.

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  • Securus

    Immensely versatile, incredibly hard wearing and the first line of defence in high security fencing systems, Securus™ is the number one choice anti climb fence system for everywhere from schools and business parks right up to police stations and secure units that require a dedicated level of security fencing.

    The 4mm welded steel wires that form each mesh panel offers an anti climb fence feature, and with each panel fixed to a continuous flanged steel post using non removable shear nuts, the strength of Securus™ ensures a great defence from vandals and intruders and it is ready to be upgraded to SR1 should your threat level increase at any point.

    With the flush finish of the panels, there’s no overlapping, so installation is quick and easy. This also makes Securus™ ideal for sports facilities as an alternative to conventional rebound boards. It’s available in a range of RAL colours too, so you can match it with your organisation’s colour scheme.

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  • Securus SR1

    Securus SR1™ welded steel wire mesh fencing is the first level in a formidable defence against intruders that is approved for government use.

    Ideal wherever physical security is paramount: schools, police stations, utility suppliers and even airports, it’s hugely effective in the prevention of everything from vandalism to burglary and even terrorism.

    Strong and durable, the anti-climb mesh fencing is fixed to a steel post with a solid clamp bar for added security. The system also carries certification to LPS 1175 SR1 (Loss Prevention Standards) to withstand basic tool attacks, with the ability to easily upgrade to LPS 1175 SR2.

    Conforming to BS 1722-14 Category 4 for all fences over 3000mm, it provides confidence that your assets are safe. You can also enhance your system from our Active Anti-Intruder range with Razor Wire and a wealth of other toppings.

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  • Securus AC SR2

    The Securus AC ™ flat panel system features innumerable security features to create a formidable barrier to stop even the most determined criminals and is approved for government use thanks to it being a LPS 1175 SR2 Fencing System.

    Panels are made from twin layers of welded steel wire mesh which are attached to one another at primary and secondary posts, with additional joining clamps enhancing rigidity. Stainless steel security bolts also add to the strength of the fencing system, which conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences.

    Carrying certification to LPS 1175 SR2, Securus AC ™ is proven to withstand sophisticated attacks from mechanical tools. This makes it the ideal choice for all high risk sites, especially when governing bodies dictate a security standard which conforms to global standards.

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  • Ultimate Extra SR1

    There are premises where only the highest levels of security will suffice. Places like police stations and airports, where you need guarantees that your fencing is up to the task. It’s these locations that Ultimate Extra SR1™ was designed for and why it offers secure by design and LPS 1175 accreditation.

    As the highest security profiled panel system in our Ultimate™ range, Ultimate Extra SR1™ includes many enhanced security features, including durable 6mm diameter wires, projecting spikes at the top of each panel, large steel posts, a full length clamp bar, plus revolutionary built-in SafeTfix security fixings that are totally enclosed.

    Conforming to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences and carrying certification to LPS 1175 SR1, it will withstand attacks from standard hand tools. Plus, as an added seal of approval, Ultimate Extra SR1™ comes with the UK Police Secure by Design accreditation as an effective form of crime prevention making it a police preferred specification.

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  • ScreenFence

    When privacy is a priority, you need a privacy fence system that guarantees the visibility of your premises will be restricted. Screenfence ™ performs this task offering a full privacy fence, while giving your perimeter a modern vista that will last due to its increased durability.

    Ideal for places like detention centres, Screenfence ™ is created by fitting the durable polyethylene (PE) screens to any of the double welded wire fences from our Dulok ™ range. Screens are secured in place using custom made clip fixings and sturdy bolts, ensuring they’ll stand up to vandals.

    Polyethylene is both UV stable and weatherproof, so screens will keep their colour even in varying temperatures. It’s a cost-effective material that looks great too, making your fencing system fit in perfectly with any surrounding environment.

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  • Lockmaster SR2 Security Gate

    When you have a high security fencing system, you need to complement it with a security gate that offer equal protection, and LockMaster™ SR2 Security Gates fit the bill. Available in double or single leaf, the Securus welded steel wire mesh provides ample defence for government buildings, data centres, airports and secure units.

    Security features include adjustable, anti-lift-off hinges, an anti-drill dead lock that’s accessible from both sides, steel drop bolts and an anti-lever frame design. This provides maximum confidence for even the most criminally targeted locations.

    Carrying certification to LPS 1175 SR2, LockMaster™ SR2 security Gates will withstand sophisticated attacks from mechanical tools; ideal for all high risk sites and when you have to conform to global security standards.

    You can also top gates with any of the deterrents from our Active Anti-Intruder range, including barbed and razor wire, anti-climb rotating spikes and saw-toothed edging.

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  • Lockmaster SR3 Emergency Exit Gate

    The Lockmaster SR3 single leaf outwards opening security gate with emergency exit is the first of its kind to hold LPS 1175 SR3 approval. Part of the Lockmaster Range of Security Gates it offers unrivaled security and emergency exit route access for the most secure locations.

    Designed to be used as part of an emergency exit gate route from a secure location, the Lockmaster SR3 features our Securus Rigid Mesh Panel Infill with the addition of further security upgrades such as Secure Sections on the infill and a Security Shroud to protect the emergency release.

    Available in outwards opening single leaf only at a fixed size of 1485mm width and 2350mm height it is available in a full range of RAL colours in polyester powder coating or hot dip galvanised only. The Lockmaster SR3 is used across a range of industries and locations including Utility Sites such as Nuclear, Electricity and Water, Ports and Docks, Government Locations, Military Bases, Airports and Data Centres where emergency exit gates are required.

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  • Slidemaster SR1 Cantilever Gate

    Improve the security of your access point with the automatic SlideMaster SR1 ™ cantilever gates, which offer several layers of enhanced protection over the base model SlideMaster™.

    Ideal for secure compounds, data centres and controlled entry points, SlideMaster SR1 ™ gates carry certification to LPS 1175 SR1, providing a one minute delay time to physical attackers using basic tools.

    With Securus mesh panels as standard, they’re difficult to cut through while offering excellent visibility for any existing CCTV systems. You also have the option of adding vehicle security barriers behind the gates to meet the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 68 rating for vehicle impact resistance.

    Available in a full range of RAL colours, you can match SlideMaster SR1 ™ cantilever gates to the colour of your existing fencing system or your organisation’s branding, ensuring an attractive and secure perimeter.

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  • Slidemaster SR2 Cantilever Sliding Gate

    When greater levels of security are needed, the SlideMaster SR2 ™ cantilever sliding gate give you that enhanced level of access protection. With double skinned mesh panels that are incredibly difficult to break through, you can be confident that your perimeter will withstand even sophisticated attacks from people or vehicles.

    With certification to LPS 1175 SR2, the SlideMaster SR2 ™ cantilever sliding gate are proven to provide a full three minutes’ delay time to physical attackers using mechanical tools. This makes them the ideal choice for sites including airports, seaports and Government premises.

    The second most secure option in our SlideMaster ™ range of sliding cantilever gates are made from heavy duty aluminium, with safety edges on all sides.

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  • Slidemaster SR3 Security Sliding Gate

    Maximum security premises require the highest level of protection, and that’s exactly what SlideMaster SR3 ™ security sliding gate provide. As the most secure option in our SlideMaster ™ range and the world’s first SR3 Security Sliding Gate, they are built for the most sensitive security areas, including prisons, power stations and government sites.

    Having certification to LPS 1175 SR3, they provide a solid five minutes’ delay time to physical attackers using even advanced mechanical tools.

    This is down to the aluminium gate panels of SlideMaster SR3 ™ being protected by two layers of incredibly durable welded wire mesh, ensuring they’ll stand up to even the most determined attackers time and time again.

    With no keyed locks and totally enclosed controls, SlideMaster SR3 ™ boasts a wealth of security features. You also have the option of adding vehicle security barriers behind the gates as an extra resistance to vehicle impact.

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