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  • Dulok-Lite

    The perfect example of a true multi-use fencing system, the Dulok-Lite™ double wire panel system is suitable anywhere you need anti-cut-through protection. Designed for Commercial Fencing projects it is also suitable for school playgrounds, retail premises, business parks, public buildings and secure car parks.

    Dulok-Lite™ is manufactured from twin 6mm diameter horizontal wires either side of 5mm diameter vertical wires, providing an excellent defence against vandals and intruders.

    Panels are fixed to steel posts using metal clips with tamper-proof angled returns, which are secured in place with pin hex screws for added security. And if you need even more protection, Dulok-Lite™ is available in a Secured by Design option – Dulok-6 SR1.

    For quality assurance and added peace of mind, the system also conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences.

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  • Eclipse-60

    Eclipse-60™ offers the ideal fencing solution to your perimeter security requirements. Named after the size of its hollow steel posts – which measure 60 x 60mm – Eclipse-60™ is a cost-effective variant of the standard Exempla™ rigid mesh panel system.

    Each profiled panel features 30mm projecting spikes, making them extremely difficult to climb over, and ensures your fencing provides an excellent deterrent against vandals and intruders.

    This Eclipse-60™ wire mesh fencing panel system uses strong wrap-around metal clips (rather than a clamp bar) to hold the welded steel mesh panels to the steel posts. These clips – with 90º angled returns that prevent tampering – fit into threaded inserts on the posts and are fixed in place using pin torx bolts for enhanced security.

    The profiled mesh panels are first galvanised and then polyester powder-coated and whether it is protecting public buildings, car parks, business parks or retail premises, the Eclipse-60™ system is available in a full range of RAL colours, so you can match it to your corporate colour scheme.

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  • Exempla

    The ever popular Exempla™ profiled panel system offers not only an aesthetically pleasing fencing solution, but also provides a robust first line of defence for public buildings, schools, car parks and commercial fencing projects.

    Designed for quick and simple installation, Exempla™ features profiled rigid welded mesh fencing panels securely fastened to 60 x40mm RHS steel posts and held in place our unique hidden fixing system, SafeTfix™; making it effortlessly easy to step panels up or down a slope.

    Profiled for extra strength, panels are manufactured from 5mm galvanised steel wires which are welded at each cross over point. Finished in with polyester powder coating in either normal or marine grade you can be confident your fencing is well protected from the elements.

    Available in a full spectrum of RAL colours, plus in a wide range of heights up to 3m, we can tailor-make Exempla™ fencing to fit your project perfectly.

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  • Rotop

    The Rotop™ rigid panel system is practical and hard wearing as well as attractive.. The welded steel mesh panels with rolled top and bottom beams, acts as an ideal playground fence while providing essential rigidity and safety. For projects that require a taller fence, we can offer a double lift system that provides a “middle roll” for enhanced aesthetics.

    Perfect in places such as nurseries, primary schools and playgrounds, Rotop™ will keep its shape and remain strong despite the daily impacts of children and sporting equipment. Alternative uses include car parks, business parks and retail premises.

    Each fencing panel is fitted to 60 x 40mm RHS steel posts using a full length clamp bar, while SafeTfix™ hidden security fixing allows for easy stepping when faced with a gradient. With many height options and RAL colours to choose from, it’s a great all-round fencing solution.

    Rotop™ also conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences, plus you get the added peace of mind of our standard 15 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

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  • Flexa Rail

    Uneven ground can often cause problems when installing a new fencing system, but thanks to the revolutionary self-raking metal railings panels of the Flexa-Rail™, it follows the contours of even the steepest of gradients without the need for stepping.

    These vertical tubular bar metal railings are available in a variety of heights from 900 to 2400mm. Shorter panels are incredibly popular around children’s playgrounds, recreation areas, and new build housing.

    When your physical security needs to be ramped up, Flexa-Rail™ is flexible too, with taller panels creating a formidable barrier around the outer perimeter of schools, offering the option of vertical bar tops with spearhead finials to deter any intruder.

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