Weld Mesh Gates

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  • Lockmaster Swing Gate

    Every fence line needs at least one gate to allow for the safe passage of people and vehicles, and the single and double LockMaster™ Swing Gates fit seamlessly with every fencing system.

    The rigid welded steel wire mesh panels of Lockmaster™ Swing Gate are fixed to a steel SHS surround using a solid clamp bar and secure fixings, making them extremely hard-wearing and giving them a real heavy-duty feel.

    They’re supplied with steel drop bolt sockets to be set in concrete, and all gates feature adjustable anti-lift-off hinges, making them incredibly difficult to vandalise.

    Security Gates are fitted with a swing bolt lockcase and eurocylinder as standard, although you can enhance security with your choice of options from the Locking and Closing range. You can also top gates with any of the deterrents from our Active Anti-Intruder range.

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  • Lockmaster SR2 Security Gate

    When you have a high security fencing system, you need to complement it with a security gate that offer equal protection, and LockMaster™ SR2 Security Gates fit the bill. Available in double or single leaf, the Securus welded steel wire mesh provides ample defence for government buildings, data centres, airports and secure units.

    Security features include adjustable, anti-lift-off hinges, an anti-drill dead lock that’s accessible from both sides, steel drop bolts and an anti-lever frame design. This provides maximum confidence for even the most criminally targeted locations.

    Carrying certification to LPS 1175 SR2, LockMaster™ SR2 security Gates will withstand sophisticated attacks from mechanical tools; ideal for all high risk sites and when you have to conform to global security standards.

    You can also top gates with any of the deterrents from our Active Anti-Intruder range, including barbed and razor wire, anti-climb rotating spikes and saw-toothed edging.

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  • Lockmaster SR3 Emergency Exit Gate

    The Lockmaster SR3 single leaf outwards opening security gate with emergency exit is the first of its kind to hold LPS 1175 SR3 approval. Part of the Lockmaster Range of Security Gates it offers unrivaled security and emergency exit route access for the most secure locations.

    Designed to be used as part of an emergency exit gate route from a secure location, the Lockmaster SR3 features our Securus Rigid Mesh Panel Infill with the addition of further security upgrades such as Secure Sections on the infill and a Security Shroud to protect the emergency release.

    Available in outwards opening single leaf only at a fixed size of 1485mm width and 2350mm height it is available in a full range of RAL colours in polyester powder coating or hot dip galvanised only. The Lockmaster SR3 is used across a range of industries and locations including Utility Sites such as Nuclear, Electricity and Water, Ports and Docks, Government Locations, Military Bases, Airports and Data Centres where emergency exit gates are required.

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  • Slidemaster Sliding Gate

    Ideal for everyday access needs, our base model SlideMaster ™ cantilever sliding gate offers a unique blend of practicality and protection that’s ideal for retail parks, industrial sites and other relatively low-level security locations.

    With a heavy duty aluminium frame and your choice of infill – from standard vertical bar panels to any of our Mesh Panel products – the SlideMaster ™ sliding gate not only offer great security, but they present a modern and professional entry and exit control.

    You can choose from manual or automatic operation, and with double gate drive through widths of up to 20000mm, they allow access room for even the largest of vehicles. The track of the sliding gate is totally enclosed too, preventing damage from vandals.

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  • Slidemaster SR1 Cantilever Gate

    Improve the security of your access point with the automatic SlideMaster SR1 ™ cantilever gates, which offer several layers of enhanced protection over the base model SlideMaster™.

    Ideal for secure compounds, data centres and controlled entry points, SlideMaster SR1 ™ gates carry certification to LPS 1175 SR1, providing a one minute delay time to physical attackers using basic tools.

    With Securus mesh panels as standard, they’re difficult to cut through while offering excellent visibility for any existing CCTV systems. You also have the option of adding vehicle security barriers behind the gates to meet the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 68 rating for vehicle impact resistance.

    Available in a full range of RAL colours, you can match SlideMaster SR1 ™ cantilever gates to the colour of your existing fencing system or your organisation’s branding, ensuring an attractive and secure perimeter.

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  • Slidemaster SR2 Cantilever Sliding Gate

    When greater levels of security are needed, the SlideMaster SR2 ™ cantilever sliding gate give you that enhanced level of access protection. With double skinned mesh panels that are incredibly difficult to break through, you can be confident that your perimeter will withstand even sophisticated attacks from people or vehicles.

    With certification to LPS 1175 SR2, the SlideMaster SR2 ™ cantilever sliding gate are proven to provide a full three minutes’ delay time to physical attackers using mechanical tools. This makes them the ideal choice for sites including airports, seaports and Government premises.

    The second most secure option in our SlideMaster ™ range of sliding cantilever gates are made from heavy duty aluminium, with safety edges on all sides.

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  • Slidemaster SR3 Security Sliding Gate

    Maximum security premises require the highest level of protection, and that’s exactly what SlideMaster SR3 ™ security sliding gate provide. As the most secure option in our SlideMaster ™ range and the world’s first SR3 Security Sliding Gate, they are built for the most sensitive security areas, including prisons, power stations and government sites.

    Having certification to LPS 1175 SR3, they provide a solid five minutes’ delay time to physical attackers using even advanced mechanical tools.

    This is down to the aluminium gate panels of SlideMaster SR3 ™ being protected by two layers of incredibly durable welded wire mesh, ensuring they’ll stand up to even the most determined attackers time and time again.

    With no keyed locks and totally enclosed controls, SlideMaster SR3 ™ boasts a wealth of security features. You also have the option of adding vehicle security barriers behind the gates as an extra resistance to vehicle impact.

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  • Speedmaster Bi-Folding Speedgate

    To maintain the protection of their perimeter, high level security premises need a speedgate that opens and closes quickly. The SpeedMaster ™ bi folding trackless speedgate opens at more than twice the speed of traditional swinging gates.

    The rapid opening and closing action ensures traffic rarely stands still, so there’s less opportunity for tailgating. With the SpeedMaster ™ speedgate folding in on each other as they open, they’re ideal where space is at a premium.

    Security is high on the agenda too, with the RHS steel frame gates featuring either tubular steel vertical bars, or your choice of infill, including our ultra-defensive Securus ™ range. You can also fit spiked tops, warning lights and sirens if needed.

    Designed for continuous operation, SpeedMaster ™ gates use a PLC-controlled motor, worm and wheel gearbox with a direct-drive shaft connected to the leaf gate, so they open and close effortlessly smoothly. They’re also compatible with most access control options, including keypad, proximity card and, remote control.

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  • FenceSafe Temporary Sliding Gates

    The first temporary sliding gate system on the market place, the FenceSafe Temporary Sliding Gate offers a manual cantilever sliding gate based on the Slidemaster range of permanent gate systems.

    Each gate system is available in a range of infills and comes with its own Concrete and Steel base pad for easy installation.

    Gates are available in a number of heights and widths, please contact us to find out more.

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  • FenceSafe Temporary Swing Gates

    Sites and events require entry and exit points that offer the same level of security as the fence lines surrounding them. To compliment the FenceSafe temporary mesh fencing system, we can supply matching single leaf and double leaf FenceSafe temporary fence gate solutions.

    Each temporary fence gate is supplied complete with matching infills to the fence line, in either Eclipse profiled, Dulok-Lite double wire or Securus-Lite 358 mesh options.

    All our Temporary Fence Gates can be converted to permanent access control solutions and are based on our Lockmaster range. We currently offer the following size of gates:

    • Single Leaf – Height to match fencing option, Width up to 1200mm
    • Double Leaf – Height to match fencing option, Width upto 6000mm
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