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    Ratchet Tie Down with Chassis Hooks & D Rings (Pack of 2)

    8.51 9.35 Excl VAT

    Sitemate Ratchet Tie Downs with Chassis Hooks and D Rings are ideal for securing loads to vehicles, boats and trailers. Simple to tighten and release.

    Length – 4.5m
    Strap Width – 25mm
    Loads up to 250kg


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  • Elastic Rope Set

    47.93 Excl VAT

    Elastic Rope Set:

    • 5 x blue gate handles
    • 25m x 8mm elastic rope
    • 8 x gate insulators

    Includes free delivery nationwide.

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  • Strip Wire Bundle

    81.29 Excl VAT

    Strip Wire Bundle:

    • 20 x pigtail posts
    • 1 x 3:1 geared reel
    • 1 x 250m 6 strand enduro wire

    Includes free delivery nationwide.

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  • Plastic Posts (Pack of 10)

    12.01 Excl VAT

    Plastic Posts for Electric Fencing (Pack of 10)

    7 Wire – suitable for cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry.

    Long lasting and suitable for all soil types.

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  • Work Shop Light

    8.94 Excl VAT

    The super bright LED work light is ideal for car, garage, home, camping, emergency.

    • Energy saving,
    • Rubber coated to give added protection and soft touch,
    • Strong magnet on the back plate,
    • Swivel hanging hook,
    • 24 super bright LED’s,
    • 3 AA batteries supplied,
    • On/Off Switch.

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  • Clu Briter Torch

    65.04 Excl VAT

    – Rechargeable LED, Incredible beam over 250m.

    – The new brand of PISTOL STYLE rechargeable LED torch.

    – A single high powered CREE LED and focused 60mm diameter reflector combine to create an amazing white spot beam shining over 250m with an impressive 3 hours duration.

    •Duration: High Beam 3 Hours, 20 Hours Low
    •Beam: 250 Meters
    •Battery: B24, 4.8v 2200mAH NiMH
    •Bulb: CREE
    •Weight: 0.6kg
    •Mains Smart Charger: CH25, Recharge Time 8 Hours
    •Vehicle Charger: CH25C

    Optional Accessories:
    •A66G: Glass Filter Disc in Red, Amber and Yellow
    •A66P: Plastic Filter Disc in Red, Amber, Green or Blue

    •Lamp, Wrist Strap, Mains & Vehicle Charger.

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  • Head Light HL13

    35.37 Excl VAT

    Rechargeable Headlight with an adjustable head strap and padded front section. Comes with a rechargeable battery pack and mains charger.

    – 100% brightness: 18 hours duration.
    – 50% brightness: 24 hours duration

    – Key Features:
    2 mode operation.
    Adjustable through 90˚
    Fully sealed switch.
    Everlasting LED bulb.

    – Ideal Uses:
    Anywhere hands free operation is required and preferred.

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  • Super Bright Gun Light MG125

    32.52 Excl VAT

    The ideal gun light for ratting & rabbiting. The Super Bright Rechargeable LED Gun Light produces a piercing white beam up to 125 metres.

    This is a small but powerful LED Gun Light with a remarkable beam for its size of up 125 metres.
    It comes complete with Clulite’s unique 25 and 30mm dual gun mounting kit. Supplied with remote and push button switch. Runs from a Li-ion battery and lasts up to 3 hours on high beam and 6 hours on low.

    Makes a great hand held torch.

    Can be powered by 2 x CR123 non rechargeable batteries (not supplied) available to order from related products below.

    – Specifications:
    Duration – 3 continuous hours on high beam 6 hours on low.
    Beam – 125 metres.
    Battery – 3.7v 18650 PCB/BMS Li-ion Battery.
    Bulb – CREE LED.
    Weight – 221g with battery & mount.
    Size – Length 130mm.

    Supplied with Lamp, battery, dual gun mounting kit, mains & vehicle charger, stock mountable remote pressure switch, tailcap switch, dual mount (25/30mm) & wrist strap.

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  • Smart Lite SM610

    97.56 Excl VAT

    SM610 Double Bulb, 6 volt lamp with mains charger abd a 500m spot beam.

    – 500,000 candlepower.
    – 3 hours continuous light.
    – 6 hours intermittent.
    10 hours secondary beam.
    – 2.5kg weight.
    – 6volt 10amp hour battery.
    – 10 hours recharge time.

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