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  • Ox Strain Post

    Key Features
    • Reinforced concrete posts provide durability and strength.
    • 50 year Design Life – assuming installation follows manufacturers
    • The octagonal design creates the optimum post shape.
    • its circular nature allows wire to be easily wrapped around the
    • the flat sides prevent posts from twisting while been driven in
    and once installed prevent turning reducing the possibility of
    the wire losing tension.
    • One M16 socket is cast into the top of each post for ease of handling.
    • Posts can be driven in using most standard post drivers, when used in
    combination with a Top Hat available at Moore Concrete. A rock
    spike should be used in advance of installation if ground conditions
    deem necessary.
    • High & low notches for struts are cast in on all four sides for extra
    • Timber batons if required, can be bolted to the post via 3 x 20mm
    holes. This allows wire to be stapled directly to the post.
    • Each post is identical creating an aesthetically pleasing finish to the
    • Ox Strain Post & Strut eligible for Environmental Farming Scheme
    (EFS) NI funding.

    This is a collect in store item only.
    Please call us on 074 9145386 or email us with any queries.

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